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Тихий домашний отдых
в СЕМЕЙНОМ ДОМЕ "Филоксения", Ольхон, Байкал

8 June 2023

Olkhon Sergei guests

[[爱心]感恩分享, 如果你的下个计划是去贝加尔湖,请记得去拜访这个你不得不去拜访的人![悠闲]Hotel name card attached] My special thanks to Sergei and his family for looking after us during the past three days in Olkhon! Sergei manages the hotel place as well as the church! What he offers is far beyond a simple hosting service. He talks about local culture, he takes us around to meet local people to experience their lives (prefabricated building developer and retired man who tries to cultivate tropic plants in a greenhouse in Olkhon). He tells story about how local school runs, how church functions and how people helps each other during difficult time when the island was isolated from outside world under extreme weather conditions, etc. It was him who tried to reach out of his arm length to help the tourist to realize their travel wishes (i.e. fish barbecue simply because I don't eat pork). It was him who brought in fresh home-made coffee when he knows I needed to work late night. It was him who told us «never give up» when the peak is right in front of your nose and you feel like dead tired. It was also him who drove us the whole way from Olkhon to Irkutsk and told us to keep smiles to smile at the last when the truck trapped in the deep snow several times. I feel so grateful to meet such a wonderful person in my trip and I wish you all get to meet him if you happen to travel to Olkhon!

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