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Тихий домашний отдых
в СЕМЕЙНОМ ДОМЕ "Филоксения", Ольхон, Байкал

7 December 2022

A place to welcome any foreign guest who doesn't know where to stay on Olkhon

I occasionally happened to visit Olkhon this summer and me and my friends had a luck to stay at Philoxenia, or basically, at Sergey's place. We had our own tents and we set them up in front of the Russian orthodox church. The great Siberian Lake was just in front of us as well as all those amazing sunsets. Surely, Khuzhir is a very special place, I have never felt that calm, safe and welcomed. Sergey welcomed actually ANY foreign person who did not know where to stay for overnight in Khuzhir. As a result while we had visited Philoxenia we met guys from Israel, Poland, Moscow, Spain. It is a very special place and special family. I have never felt more welcome than there. I wish I could stay longer.

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